September 29, 2018
2 months and 20 days since
our Reunion.
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57th Annual Reunion
This year the reunion committee is planning on going to Brazi's on LongWharf again for a mini reuion.  We are keeping the menu the same as it has been delicious every year that we have gone there. The service is wonderful and the food is excellent.  The location is easy on easy off of I-95 and plenty of parking.
This is really going to be a very informal evening, but we want to extend the invitation to everyone who could possibly join us.  The date we have selected is Saturday evening, September 29, 2018 for our 57th Reunion at 6:00 PM.

We know it is not possible for everyone who lives out of town to plan on attending, but it is so much fun to catch up with and remember with all that can.
Cost is going to be $45.00 per person for all of what is listed on the Details of Events page.
How important was the reunion?
Well if you think about the 40 classmates we have lost since our reunion in October of 2011 it makes you sit back and realize that this reunion was very important. It gave us the opportunity to visit with friends we graduated with in high school and remember a time when life had no real stress and things were so different.
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