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Barbara Chain (Greenspon)
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763315926 Individual, Marriage and Family Therapist Married 2

Sorry not to be able to be with you all in October. Unfortunately travel these next two months is just about impossible.


Tom and I are both psychotherapists in our own practice in Minneapolis, where we’ve been for 34 years. We’ve been married for 48 years; our daughter Erin is a PhD in Neuropsychology at UM and son David is a PhD in Linguistics, working in his own business.  Erin and her husband returned here after many years, 10 years ago, in time to have our first grandchild, and now they have 2 kids.  David and Kay returned from New Haven the year before that.  So we’re all here.


An avocation for me has been computer assisted nature photography, and I have sold more than I ever expected. We have travelled a great deal.  I also weave, garden and am involved politically.  I love my work, but the best of all of it is family, with a huge focus on Lily, 9, and Samantha, 4.


We’ve been back to New Haven many times over the 50 years, first for Tom’s Yale reunions and then to visit David while he was a Yale.  He was in New Haven and environs almost 15 years, first at school and then working. 


I would love to hear from classmates.  We love visitors and the Twin Cities are a great place to visit!


Mimi and committee, thanks again for your hard work.  Wish I could have been in a place to come.

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Gary Segal
8604810084 Retired / and adjunct instructor Married 4
If you have 4 minutes and 15 seconds, please go onto Google and enter "shaila segal wfsb tv".  This will reveal the most significant event in my life.  So Joyful

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Linda Cohen (Frankl)
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8609834799 8609834799 Realtor LindaFrankl.com Committed Relationship 2
It's amazing how fast the time slips away....I've never really left CT!  After BU I came to Hartford to teach school and HeadStart the first year it existed.  After staying home with my husband and two kids, I went into real estate and got divorced.  Now the kids are grown.....my son works construction in Hawaii and my daughter is Chief of Staff for the CEO of UConn Health.  I have two grandsons whom i totally adore!  I have a wonderful significant other with whom I've been living for the past thirteen years.  Life is good.

I still work and still enjoy it.  In between i travel, am involved in a book club, play mah jongg, see lots of plays and have a full life.  I realize how fortunate i am every day.....Hope to see more of you soon. 
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Susan Sackett
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6026228819 Writer www.insidetrek.com Committed Relationship
Life is good!  We travel quite a bit, enjoy the Arizona sunshine and our dogs.  Never had kids, never married -- footloose and fancy free!  Send Susan a MessageSend Susan a Message
Rita Mooney (Zassenhaus Dubow)
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5617528821 5617528821 retired CPA Married 3
I spent my adult life in Potomac, Maryland, working in Washington, DC as a CPA.   Currently I spend my winters in Boynton Beach, Florida and my summers in Bethany Beach, Delaware. Send Rita a MessageSend Rita a Message
Liliane Straussman (McClenning)
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2032304899 Senior Administrative Assistant Married 2
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Grace Lockett
2038237828 SPED ParaProfessional Single Again 1
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Miriam (Mimi) Hubelbank (Bloch)
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2039151227 Travel Agent, Substitute Teacher Married 7
Update May 2014
Life gets even better when you get additional grandchildren, we now have TEN. They are spread out all over the the USA. Two of mine are in Meriden, and two in Southington, but one is going off to college in Sept. Beryl's six are all over. Three in Columbus, OH, Two live near Scramento, CA and one lives in Minneapolis, MN  so most of our travel lately has just been to visit grandchildren!!

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Dona Horwitt (Porreca)
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6199726655 8585867465 Retired Married 5
Photo taken at my 70th Birthday celebration with friends and family.
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Barry Cutler
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2028611572 3017757791 Attorney (consumer law and litigation) Married 2
After 9 years of school and work in New York, I returned to New Haven as an assistant U.S. attorney (federal prosecutor) and married Marika Moore of Washington, D.C., who I met in mid-town Manhattan the day the '69 Mets won the World Series. 

Some good times there, but I found that you "can't go home." We moved to the DC area in 1974, the day Nixon left town. We had two daughters and a number of dogs as I worked as a lawyer and Marika became a psychotherapist.

Fast forward. We've been married for 40 years, the girls are married with one toddling son each, and are professionally established as owner of an interior design business and a plaintiff's civil rights attorney, respectively.

I am practicing law at a 60% level as Senior Counsel, spending time most weekends at our West Virginia getaway (90 minutes away), and spending quality time with grandsons. A very satisfying "victory lap" that I hope to continue for a while.

I made the 40th and loved it. One of those grandsons (see photo)will be visiting D.C. over reunion weekend. Can just wish you all a wonderful time.  Hopefully next time.  Barry
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