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Kenneth Jackson
2038876321 retired Divorced 4
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Kenneth Smith
Electrician Married
 I worked on all types of electrical jobs from houses to high rises
including all 3 "nukes" at Millstone Point. I spent most of my career working with HVAC controls,CCTV and security systems for Johnson Controls and other control contracters.
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Gary Segal
5083685538 8609742966 Senior Director Learning and Development Married 4
I sent in the below information prior to the 50th re-union.  Just want to update it with the status of my daughter. She is off to Central Michigan to compete on their gymnastics team and she will be a double major:  Math and Statistics.  She is also currently in the running for the National High School Wendy's Heisman Award - see the link below - enjoy, gary

Here is an article about Shaila qualifying for the Wendy’s High School Heisman Award.  When you get to the site below, click on page 2, in the middle of the page the part on Shaila begins with “Off to Michigan” – enjoy

Began career doing mathematical modeling for Bell Labs (BS, MS in Math). Changed careers, now in Learning and OD (MA, Ph.D. in Psychology).

Several business trips to Europe (Italy, Germany, Spain, France, England) as part of work.  Most significant event in my life is easily the adoption of my daughter from China.  Shaila Dulcinea Segal (a.k.a. Ting Qin) is now a 15 year old sophomore and current CT and NE Gymnastic Champion.  
If you look at the Guestbook, you can see an overview of Shaila completed by WFSB TV out of Hartford.

We are all about the same age - but with a 15 year old, I am continuing to work - have you seen what colleges cost these days???.  Although, when you love what you do, it is not really work.

See you all in Oct,

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Peter Levitin
Profile picture
3363391438 3363391438 Rheumatologist Married 3
 I am looking forward to seeing everybody. Pat and I have been married 44 years. We have a set of boy/girl twins and a son and 5 grandchildren (which includes a set of twins). After being drafted into the service from 1973-1975, I have practiced Internal Medicine and Rheumatology for 35 years in Greensboro, NC. I retired from patient care last October but remain active in our practice as head of our lab and bone density section. Thank you to the reunion committee for all your hard work. Send Peter a MessageSend Peter a Message
Murray Horwitz
7039786295 7039786295 Retired, Tax Attorney Married 2
It is hard to believe we are celebrating our 50th reunion.  Where did the time go?  I have been married to Janet Sandberg for 45 years.  We have 2 boys, Andy (42) and Bill (39), both of whom are married to Christy Halsey and Chrissy D'Angio, respectively.  I retired from the U.S. Department. of Justice, Tax Division in Dec. of 1999 and Janet retired from the U.S. DEA in 2008.  Andy lives in Charlotte, NC, and has 3 children, Eddie (9), Ashley (8), and Leah (8).  Bill lives in Madrid, Spain and has 2 children, Sintra (9) and Julia who will be 6 in January.  We love to travel and enjoy our 5 grandchildren. Send Murray  a MessageSend Murray a Message
Louis Steadwell
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2023450565 Real Estate Development & Sales washingtondchomes.com Married 4
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Sheila Narotsky (Rotenberg)
00197239219243 retired now, R.N. later working in high tech Married 5
Its hard to believe that so many years has passed. Have kept up with a handful of friends so know what's been happening in New Haven.
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Leo Pavlow
17345526761 17345526761 Committed Relationship 2
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Geraldine Suello (Curulli)
7182190105 7189989496 Retired High School Teacher Single 2
I've been living in Brooklyn,NY. for more than 40 years. I have 2 married children and 3 grandchildren. Love NYC life but still visit Ct. often. Want to thank Mimi and the commitee for a great job! Looking forward to seeing everyone....Gerry  Send Geraldine a MessageSend Geraldine a Message
Neal Wellins
retired Married 2
Looking forward to seeing everone. Where has the time gone? Send Neal a MessageSend Neal a Message
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