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Henry (Hank) Rosen
semi-retired Married 2

Married 2 children, 2 grandchildren. Split time between CO and FL. Spent my career managing pharmaceutical manufactuirng facilities in NJ, PA,MI, IL and CO. Am semi-retired and have developed a hobby doing wildlife photography in FL and CO 

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David Dixon
Profile picture
Profile picture
Electromagnetic Engineering Married 3
 May 2011 update: Sharlene and I still living in S/E MA and I'm still driving to Cambridge/Boston area for engineering work Tuesday thru Thursday each week. We've been upgrading some baths and floors to prepare for an eventual sale to downsize our lives.  A larger house means longer cleaning therefore....... We both have been blessed with fairly good health. Jen is still changing her career path from Computer/Information services to Nursing and has just passed her prerequisite courses needed for her RN training. Chrystie and our four young grandkids are still hanging tough in S/E RI and with some help from us they will stay afloat after her Ex returned to England. Shane is still in CT with his girl friend and have 3 cats and one dog and he's still struggling with his departments budgets as a result of a decline in newspaper readership and the economy. Who said it takes less of your time to help your kids after they grow up? I'd like to offer a mid-course correction to that mis-conception (ha).
*********************  Basic Info  *************
High School Life Summary: Unfortunately, I didn't have a lot of time for socializing or playing sports during my high school years since I worked after school and each summer throughout my high school "career".  Things were OK but since we didn't have a mom around to keep me focused I didn't become a real student until I left high school and started paying my way through a two year electronics education at the Connecticut School of Electronics which turned out (after a year of work in Bridgeport)  to be the beginning of my electrical engineering training and subsequent career.
Post High School Life: Two years of electronics school training at Connecticut School of Electronics followed by year of work in the Bridgeport, CT area. Then 4 years more schooling to obtain a BSEE at the University of New Haven. Over my engineering  career I've completed other Post Graduate work at UCONN, URI, & the Naval Postgraduate School. Professionally my area of expertise has been in field of Electromagnetics thru-out my Navy Department Laboratory civilian career: first as Principal Investigator, then Senior Engineering Technologist, then R & D Program Manager, & finally Head of our Engineering Division. During the last half year of my Navy Department career I was selected to be on the technical staff of Admiral Giambastiani who, at the time, was in charge of submarine forces Atlantic Fleet (SUBLANT) which was located in Norfolk, VA. He was great to work with and soon rose to be a Four-Star admiral and vice-chairman of the Joints Chiefs of staff (2nd highest military officer in the country). Sharlene and I spent a great 7 months while on that assignment in Norfolk, Virginia. 
In 2000,  I was honored by the International Engineering Society to be elected as a IEEE Fellow for my engineering accomplishments in shipboard Electromagnetic Compatibility.  I have been married to Sharlene O'Donnell Dixon since 1969; we created three kids who are now located in RI, and CT. Four grand kids now live in Charlestown, RI. We have built houses and lived in shoreline area's of Old Lyme, CT (26 years), Kingston, RI (6 years) and Dartmouth, MA (present) with one shorter (~5 year) (non shoreline) residence in Marlborough,MA to support my Post-retirement engineering career. We are presently updating a  contemporary passive solar house located in the shoreline community of Dartmouth, MA which we thought would be our retirement house but it turns out to be way too big to continue to clean.  After my Navy department retirement, I started my second engineering career working as a Sr. Principal Engineer in Electromagnetic Environmental Effects for Raytheon Company at their Sudbury, MA facility working on Defense & Homeland Security tasks.  Over the past four years I've been on a special assignment supporting Draper Lab at MIT which is located in Cambridge, MA developing improved Guidance Systems. My real email can be figured out  by replacing the "at" and "dot" in  dsdatieeedotorg with the appropriate signs.
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Maureen McKay (Benson)
Special Education Media Teacher Married 1
Move from New Haven to West Hartford  right after High School.  Married a navy man and spent 25 years moving around. Ended in Maryland.  Have one son and three grandchildern in the area. Hope all have a wonderful time sorry I will miss it.
Please e-mail  me the name of the photographer I would love to see some pictures.
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August Calling
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2032354703 2032354703 Retired Married 2
Married for 43 years, we have two daughters, and three grandaughters.  My wife, Marion has just retired from the IRS.  We love traveling, cruising, and spur of the moment trips.  I worked in construction until an accident and retired from the trucking industry in 2006.  My wife,Marion and me at Graceland September 11,2011.  I(we) love to see Elvis's home.  We have been there twice and hope to continue our traveling as we are both retired and in good health.  From my clothes you may wonder why,I was an impersonator until recently and now just dress up for different events. Send August a MessageSend August a Message
Gail Murach (Bontatibus )
9282526332 Retired teacher (twice) Single Again 1

And they said business students couldn't go to college, but we were a special group and with the influence of Mr. Butts, hard work, timing, lots of support from SCSC/U I managed to complete Masters' degrees in Art Education and School Counseling, an Administrative Certificate, and a DARC two year program at Gateway.  I worked for SCSC, Macy's, Circuit City, Manpower +++, but my most satisfying was for a Certified Work Therapy Program at the VA Healthcare facility for six years.  All of this while teaching middle school art and participating in professional activities in first Milford and then Wallingford (Dag Hammarskjold Middle School).  I retired in 2004, moved from North Branford to Naples, Florida for two years, got bored and received a teaching telephone offer from Surprise, Az. (at my age).  so I joined my son in Surprise.  teaching K-8 Art.  The first 3 years weren't bad, but the last 2 definitely told me I was ready to retire again....great learning experience!  So that's the name of that story! looking forward to seeing everyone...I'm working at downloading a "good" picture!

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Frederick J. Rosen
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2037956069 2032980430 CPA Widowed 2
Still working.  Have two wonderful children and 4 Amazing Grandchildren. Send Frederick J. a MessageSend Frederick J. a Message
Marilyn Rubin (Atlas)
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Talent Manager Divorced

I am talent manager in Los Angeles and I own an agency.  The agency represents actors and writers.  I also produce movies and plays when I am lucky enough to raise or find the money and get the project made.  It is a very competitive business.  A movie I produced for HBO is now being developed as a musical.  The musical may be produced in Connecticut in late 2012.  I have a movie in development at Lifetime.  I was a contributor in a book for writers entitled “Now Write!” published by Tarches/Penguin.  I love what I do.

I still suffer from wanderlust.  I have traveled extensively and I like solo adventure travel.  I just returned from climbing Machu Picchu in Peru.


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Kline Lawrence
2037585555 2033973535 Optometrist visionassociatesofprospect.com Married 4
Married for 42 years with 4 great children and 3 grandchildren.  Practicing full time with 2 associates in Prospect, CT.  Busy family life - yoga, singing as hobbies.  Wonderful job, Mimi
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Christine Yampanis (House)
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6033574946 6034990301 Retired school librarian Single Again 1
I moved to New Hampshire when I retired from New Haven Public Schools but since my granddaughter, Ariadne was born 19 months ago I am feeling the tug to move closer to her.  I weave and sew as a hobby.   My daughter is an arts administrator in NYC and my son-in-law has started making a garlic dip (an authentic Greek skortholia), marketed under the name of GoGo's Garlic dip. I'm looking forward to seeing so many of you.

I worked on several of the previous reunion committees and think that this committee has done a fabulous job!
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Phil Lakernick
2524329308 2524924982 Retired Hospital CEO/now P.T. Development Director www.hendersondowntown.us Married 1
After 34 years running hospitals in 3 states I semi retired and I am now working part time as the Downtown Develoment Director. My daughter has her own Dance Studio, that will begin her 20th year in business. Her website is: www.balletartsallstars.com. We own the building built in 1890. It is located in the historic downtown. I do not plan on totally retireing for a long while yet. Send Phil a MessageSend Phil a Message
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